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UT Health Science Center in Houston

Chaos solved in Five simple steps

Well we have all done this, it may vary depending on your current employment on how, but we do. We all lose important tools in our current task. My job right now is to stay home, take care of my family, and well…. Pretty much everything else. Sometimes while cooking in a hurry I will start stacking spices, ingredients,and pans on top of each other just to create workspace. Then I will search for that condiment and drive myself insane looking for it. By the time I find it dinner is ruined due to over cooking. The truth is if I had just taken a few minutes to lay out and organize my spices and ingredients my cooking would have been more productive and would have had a larger workspace. Another example of how productivity is linked with an uncluttered workspace is paying bills. In the past every time a bill came in the mail I would dump it on the desk. Next thing you know the bill is almost due and I have to go a on a scavenger hunt. This definitely shows a link between cleanliness and productivity. USA Today states how employers look for tidy candidates to fill positions. A clean environment prevents loss in revenue. One lost document costs a company $120, as writer Dana Knight states in her article. A company wants the person representing them to be one that everyone can look up to and respect. Knowing where every document, order, or inventory is creates a positive reputation. Organization is used in every job, every day. Doctors and nurses must know where every syringe and medication is to save lives. Can you imagine rushing to the ER and putting your life in someone else hands and there was a mistake. What if there was a need for a blood transfusion and their stock was unorganized? Or the charts were mixed up with another patients and the medicine issued to you caused an allergic reaction? This is why we must all learn to sort and organize to some extent....
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