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AP World History-Lakeside High School 2013-2014

Welcome to Advanced Placement World History! You have chosen to join in the AP program that over 14,000 high schools participate in and over 4,000 colleges accept AP credit for. Colleges look for students who challenge themselves in a high school environment with the rigor AP courses entail.

We have thirty-three chapters to cover in approximately 34 weeks, as well as focusing on key concepts, content, and skills, which will be crucial to master in order to succeed on the AP Exam in May 2014. The course covers 10,000 years, which is an enormous subject to cover in 34 weeks.

You are encouraged to get a head start on the work that will be due the first week of school and get a feel for the course and what it will involve. You will need to purchase the book A History of the World in 6 Glasses, by Tom Standage. You will be tested over this book the Friday after you return to school (August 9th). I have attached a set of questions that you should know the answers to prior to your test. Use these questions as a guide to study by.

DUE DATE: Whether you choose to work on this now or wait until you get back to school in August, the test date for A History of the World in 6 Glasses will be Friday, August 9th. This is the Friday after we return to school. Everyone should be prepared to take the test on August 9th. This assignment will allow you to work at your own pace throughout the summer. You will not have this opportunity once you get back so take full advantage of it now. If you find something interesting in the notes, research and read more about it. Having an inquisitive mind and working hard will play an important part in your success in AP World History.

By the way, there will be additional work handed out when you return to school in August that will also need to be completed. So keep this in mind as your plan for your summer and the work you will do.

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