Topics: Cancer, Pancreatic cancer, Senescence Pages: 3 (488 words) Published: June 23, 2013

Cancer, everyone thinks of it as a taboo word.

You either know someone that has it or has

been effected by it. Well, I have known many individuals that have had cancer and whom have now passed on unfortunately! The reason I choose to write on this sensitive subject is because it has affected my family members and me directly. It has been both a positive and a negative situation. The person that cancer has decided to attack this time is my best friend who is my mother.

My seventy year old mother was told two years ago in July 2011 that she had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer!!! That was about the worse news one could ever hear and it is one of the most aggressive and the least researched cancers an individual could be diagnosed with. I remember that day so well and will never forget it. I was in Walmart shopping while my mother was getting a pedicure. Otsego memorial hospital had called her with the results of her medical test and delivered the painful truth. When my mother told me I was in disbelief and shock. We both lost our composure and cried uncontrollably right then and there. Our next move was to figure out a plan of attack and that is just what we did. That next week my parents were on a flight to Chicago to get her treatment at the American Cancer Institute located in Zion, IL.

The positive aspect of this disease is that

it has made me eat much healthier, exercise more,

and to appreciate the fact my mother is still with

me today. It is the little things in life that I

have grown to learn not to take for granted. Each

and every day I can spend with her is a true

blessing and a gift. My family and me included,

all look at life just a little bit different now

that cancer has embarked upon our lives. I am much

more educated on this disease and have learned a

great deal on this specific type of cancer. The

negative aspect of this disease it that there is...
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