Topics: The Book Thief, Novel, Markus Zusak Pages: 3 (785 words) Published: June 4, 2013
Tazmi Siddique
English Comp 105

Analysis Essay – The Book Thief

In The Book Thief (2005), Markus Zusak, illustrates many different themes but there are two themes that are consistent throughout the book, death and the power of words. The novel has shown the development of Liesel as a citizen in Germany who has a cloudy understanding of death and the power of words in the beginning to a much more matured, knowledgeable view of these themes. There is a relationship between Liesel and the characters that can be portrayed by the connection of death and the power of words ; the demonstration of these two themes are redundant throughout the course of the novel and all leading back to Liesel.

When a spider builds his web he attaches every piece carefully and strategically together to make a strong foundation, like this web the author of this novel, Markus Zusak used death as his web. He brought together every piece into one strong cohesive idea that is the theme of death. From the passing of her brother to the demise of her foster parents, death was always a factor. The different individuals that Liesel met throughout the story all shared something in common with her, death. Either these people have experienced a tragic loss or they were killed themselves. Regardless of what was the cause or how it occurred the connection was the result. Death. For example, the death of both Ilsa Hermann and Frau Holtzapfel sons or the demise of everyone on Himmel street.

The author not only uses death as a theme but he uses it as the narrator. He gives death human like qualities and emotions. He personifies it as a character who has thoughts and can tell the difference between right and wrong. Death is portrayed as having characteristics of a human but it also inhuman as well. The irony of this is that Death, the storyteller is also the biggest reoccurring theme of the story, therefore, it can be said that he is telling a story that revolves around him. Death’s words...
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