Topics: Animal Farm, Ten Commandments, The Animals Pages: 6 (2064 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Chola Kondeti
Ms. Ferreri
Period 11
September 29, 2010
Animal Farm Study Guide
Chapter 1:
1. Old Major could be considered a major character being that he inspired all the farm animals into thinking that the never ending cycle of them giving to humans and humans not giving anything back in return is to have a rebellion, which eventually leads into corruption and greed. 2. The dogs sit in the first row.

3. The pigs sit on straw directly behind the dogs.
4. Boxer and Clover are two hardworking horses who are eventually loyal to Napoleon. 5. Benjamin’s cynical remark is, “Donkeys live a long time, none of you have seen a dead donkey.” 6. Mollie is the horse who defies the principles of Animalism by getting fed sugar cubes by a human, and eventually runs away to a neighboring farm. 7. The meeting at the barn is about Old Major’s vision of a world without humans and that the animals can end the cycle of their cruelty and slavery by organizing a rebellion. 8. The human habits Major forbid is walking on two legs, sleeping on beds, and wearing clothes and ribbons. 9. The title of the song is “Beasts of England”, and its purpose is to illustrate the utopian society that is yet to be established. 10. The beginning and the end of the chapter are similar being that all the animals are back in their sleeping corners, including Mr. and Mrs. Jones.

Chapter 2:
1. Snowball is a pig who challenges Napoleon for control of Animal Farm after the Rebellion. 2. Napoleon is the pig who challenges Snowball for control of Animal Farm after the Rebellion. 3. Squealer is a pig who will later become Napoleon’s minister for propaganda. 4. Moses is the time raven who misleads every animal into thinking there exists a place called Sugarcandy Mountain where everything is peaceful. 5. The rebellion takes place on Sunday.

6. The rebellion starts when all the animals rage in chaos when they aren’t fed any food because Mr. Jones was at the Red Lion Tavern drinking. 7. The animals destroy afterwards several ribbons, clothes, and human relics in a rubbish fire. 8. The farmhouse is agreed to be regarded as a museum of their tyrannical past. 9. The first two commandments are “whatever goes upon two legs are enemies” and “whatever goes upon four legs or has feathers are friends”. 10. The last commandment is “all animals are equal”.

Chapter 3:
1. The pigs assume the supervisory positions (Snowball, Napoleon, Squealer, Minimus others). 2. The remaining farm animals, especially Boxer, do all the work. 3. Boxer’s maxim is,” I will work harder” and “Napoleon is always right”. 4. Mollie and the cat are very lazy and apathetic when it comes to approaching work. 5. Benjamin’s response to the question of whether he was happier now that Jones was gone was “Donkeys live a long time; none of you has ever seen a dead donkey”. 6. The flag adopt a flag with a hoof and a horn (animals) in green color (fields of England) to be a parody of the USSR flag. 7. Snowball and Napoleon always disagree.

8. The Seven Commandments are reduced to, “Four legs good, two legs bad” for the sake of the stupid animals. 9. The pigs need the milk and apples apparently to keep them in good shape so that they’re fit to rule so that they can keep people like Jones from coming back to power, but it was really tyrannical. Chapter 4:

1. The pigeons are the agents of espionage for Animal Farm, and their message was that a group of animals took over Animal Farm. 2. The neighboring farms are Foxwood and Pinchfield and Mr. Fredrick and Mr. Pilkington owns a farm respectively. 3. The men immediately satirize the idea of animals governing their own farm. 4. All the men have met on a consensus that they recapture the farm. 5. Snowball plans and organizes the defense against an attack, and he learns military strategy from a book he retrieved in Mr. Jones’s previous abode. 6. The first phase of...
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