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Bicycle Industry in Australia
A national snapshot by Bicycle Industries Australia, Cycling Promotion Fund and the Retail Cycle Traders Australia


Industry Overview
Key figures summary Trends in Australian Cycling Participation Sales, imports and the LVIT Taskforce and Productivity Commission Electric Bicycles Australian Standards Trade shows

Industry Overview
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The bicycle industry in Australia is a diverse and ever changing industry providing our customers with a wide range of quality products and services. This report provides a snapshot of the cycling sector in Australia, an overview of the trends and developments over the last year which impact on the industry and an outline of the initiatives, programs and services provided by the two industry associations and the Cycling Promotion Fund. Australia has two distinctive bicycle industry member associations:


Bicycle Industries Australia Ltd
Overview Aims of the BIA General Manager’s Report Industry engagement Data collection Representation Lobbying Training BIA Office

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n Bicycle Industries Australia Ltd. (BIA Ltd)
represents the wholesaler supply companies

n Retail Cycle Traders Australia (RCTA)

Retail Cycle Traders Australia
Overview Australian bicycle retail sector Value of the industry Employment Training Imports Technology Trade & Consumer Shows The RCTA

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supports and represents the independent bicycle shops.

In an environment of constant change and uncertainty it has been essential that both associations work together to optimise outcomes for their members and the sector overall. Both associations are committed to providing the best possible services to their members as well as ensuring that the interests of the industry are represented. Decisions which impact on the industry are made at a range of levels including economic and trade policies, industrial relations, taxation, urban planning and design, transport policy and resource allocation, road safety, environment, tourism, sport and recreation. The complexity of the external environments which impact on the sector remains the biggest challenge for the industry associations. Partnerships are vital and critical to our success. It is vital to nurture these relationships and to build alliances and partnerships to ensure that the sector is well placed to respond to the challenges of the future. Visionary companies within the bicycle industry have helped to create the Cycling Promotion Fund (CPF). The role of the CPF is to provide the sector with a collective voice to promote cycling and work for improved conditions for bicycle riders.

Cycling Promotion Fund
Overview Emerging Crisis Summit Active Travel for Australian Cities National Urban Policy Moving People 2030 Taskforce Federal Budget 2012/13 Active Transport for Sustainable Cities Asia Pacific Cycle Congress CCCLM Roundtable Parliamentary Sports Festival Riders on the Hill ARA Conference Cycle Tourism Conference Key Note Australian Bicycling Achievement Awards Corporate visits Government Relationships Manager

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2011/12 Report – Bicycle Industry in Australia

Industry overview

Australian Bicycle Industry
The Australian bicycle industry, like all Australian industries is affected by the current global financial situation, and with the purchase of bicycles considered discretionary spending, we are reflective of Australians spending habits. This financial year the industry has seen a fall in bicycle imports, dropping by 4% from 2009/10 and 13% since the peak financial year of 2007/08. The downward trend of imports over the last three years is significant, but the ten year trend does reflect a 38 % increase since 2001/02. The reality is that the bicycle industry will always face challenges; there always will be issues which will affect bicycle sales. As an...
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