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Biltong Box

This portfolio has information relevant for creating a biltong box. We look at topics that affect the meat and the biltong maker. We understand the lifespan of the meat and how biltong is made. This was done to create South Africa’s ultimate BILTONG BOX

Pg 2: Introduction
Pg 3– Pg 9: Research
Pg 10: Design
Pg 11: Past designs
Pg 12:Past design comparison
Pg 13: Our idea (first rough drawing)
Pg 14:Rough 2
Pg 15:Rough 3
Pg 16: 1st Angle orthographic
Pg 17: 3rd Angle orthographic
P9 18: Final drawing (without material and colour)
Pg19: Final material drawing
Pg 20: Circuit drawing
Pg 21 -23: Planning to make
Pg 24-25: Bibliography

Technology Portfolio: Biltong Box
4 February 2013



We had noticed that the economy has not been doing well, making our beloved traditional foods more expensive, especially biltong. We have been told to make a Biltong box to try help our family and friends to still enjoy our lovely heritage food well within our budgets.

Problem Statement:

Is it possible to make biltong cheaper and taste better for our community? The price of biltong is costing us a fortune, of which most of us can not afford, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Because it is too expensive. Many people do not get to enjoy our traditional food. It is an issue that needs to be addressed now, as the global economic problem is a reality for most. Another reason biltong is not always accessible to all us. Biltong is sometimes too dry, which does not satisfy many people’s taste buds.

Summary for research proposal:

Our project requires a lot of extensive research; our research covers areas and issues such as bacteria, moulds, fungi as well as drying rate of meats ability and well as history of biltong and safety steps taken to make food safe and the preservatives.


1. What is biltong?
2. How is biltong made?
3. What are preservatives that can be added?
4. How long does meat last without preservatives?
5. Which bacteria and germs affect meat?
6. Hazards that may occur when making biltong and products of similar category? 7. What are key aspects for a biltong maker and their functions? 8. What is the common material for a homemade biltong maker? 9. How do you know when biltong is done?

10. Safety measures and tips.


1. What is biltong?
Biltong is South African dried meat. The word comes from Dutch with ‘BIL’ meaning buttock and ‘TONG’ meanings strip. Biltong has been a favourite with South Africans and Zimbabweans for close to 400 years now. This mildly spiced and salted, air dried meat, has sustained these people since the early days of the Voortrekkers. There are typically two main types of biltong – Beef Biltong and Game Biltong. Both are good, but some people prefer one more than the other. Lamb, pork and poultry are not used for biltong, although ostrich meat makes good biltong and is popular in South Africa. In the past, farmers used a whole beef carcass for Biltong, but today the beef buttock - consisting of the silverside (from which 'ronde' or 'predikantsbiltong' and 'regte' biltong are made), topside and thick flank is normally used. The most tender is the 'binnebiltong' or 'ouma se biltong' (grandmother's biltong) which is made from the fillet.

By International crockery dictionary
Developed in South Africa and a staple food in many African countries, biltong consists of strips of cured, air-dried beef or game. Though its keeping properties are the same. It is a finer form of jerked meat than American Jerky. The best biltong has been compared to the Prosciutto of Italy. (Anonymous) 2. How is biltong made?

The following is an example of a biltong recipe, for our project we will create our own spices. However what need to be highlighted is the preservatives and the method of how...

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