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McDonald's Assignment
Question No 1: What opportunities and threats did McDonalds face? How did it handle them? What alternative could it have chosen? Answer: OPPORTUNITY:
1. He offered a limited menu of high-quality, moderately-priced food served fast in spotless surroundings. McDonald's "QSC&V" (quality, service, cleanliness, and value) was a hit. 2. Food is prepared in accordance with local laws. For example, the menus in Arab countries comply with Islamic food preparation laws. 3. The opportunities for expanding the market are great when one realizes that 99 percent of the world population is not yet McDonald's customers. For example, in China, with a population of 1.2 billion people, there are only 62 McDonald's restaurants in1995. McDonald's vision is to be the major player in food services around the world. THREATS:

1. Many competitors for same costumer - Subway - Burger King - KFC - Taco Bell HOW DID McDONALD HANDLE THEM: McDonalds handle these threats by by these possible steps: * By delivering superior value to customers then competitors. * By decreasing health problem.

* For better performance in Europe McDonald has to do a lot of work by providing the taste and dishes which have high demand in European market. WHAT ALTERNATIVE COULD IT HAVE CHOSEN:

Question No 2: Before McDonalds entered the European market, few people believed that fast food could be successful in Europe. Why do you think McDonalds has succeeded? What strategies did it follow? How did these differ from its strategies in Asia? Answer:

I think that they have succeeded because they provide good food at a good price, and they give people what they expect when they go to a McDonald's. Their food is nice and many people would like to go there for their meals.......and when you enter the can immediately smell the fragrance of the food and you will be attracted to eat the food.......... By capturing the kiddies with...
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