Stuart Little Is a Book That Tolerates Difference

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2(c) Prove or disprove the following statements by finding appropriate evidence from Stuart Little Stuart Little is a film that promotes tolerance of difference. Evidence may be a quotation (spoken), it may entail a discussion of the narrative events or strategies of presentation, or something else that you feel is applicable. In films, for example, voices and accents can be used as evidence, as can costumes and choices of particular actors who are famous for other roles.

Make sure you give enough contextual information about when episodes or speeches occur in Stuart Little.

The film Stuart Little (1999) embraces and promotes tolerance of difference. In order to achieve this goal the film highlights difference in many and varied forms. From the issue of a birth child/family to an adopted child/family, a mouse to a cat, a house cat to an alley cat, a cat to a dog, a mouse to a rat, a mouse to a human, pets and family, the rich and the poor, winning and losing and lets not forget the big and the small. There would also seem to be some irony in Nathan Lane (from the film “Mousehunt”) being the voice over for Snowbell.

Initially the film opens with only Mr and Mrs Little accepting the differences of adopting a mouse rather than a child. Their son George and cat Snowbell are horrified at the idea. Slowly tolerance of difference is integrated into the film. The first outsider to accept Stuart as a family member would be the vet who treats Stuart as a sick child and visit after Stuart’s ordeal of ending up in the washing machine. After overcoming the initial shock of difference, the extended family at the gathering to welcome Stuart, also come to accept Stuart. Such acceptance is portrayed by their desire to play ball with Stuart despite his size difference and George’s distain of the situation. The shopping expedition where dolls clothes are purchased for Stuart is symbolic of adapting the world of difference so it appears the same, just...
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