Struggles of a Single Mother going to College

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The telephone is ringing, and the dog is barking, waiting to go out. The three year old needs help to the potty. Dinner is in the oven and thirty minutes until time for work. Single Mothers do this all the time, nothing new, now add college to the mix, such challenging times. Single mothers face several struggles such as: finding time to study, getting back to good study habits, and not having a good support system. Being a single mother going to college it is hard finding time to study. Having to work full time while going to school is very hard, but it can be done. It is also a struggle to juggle family time in with time for study. Children are so demanding, the younger they are the more demanding they become for one’s time. Some find time to study during breaks at work, while others study during the child’s nap time. Single moms also find time to study while the children are doing their homework. It is always an awesome thing for the children to see mom devote time to her studies. Hang in there, there results will be worth it at the end. It is also a struggle to get back into good study habits. One sometimes finds it more fun to play with their children rather than study. Allow 20 minutes a day to study. Keeping a written daily schedule on a pocket calendar is a good way to stay on task. Another way to develop good study habits is to write homework down. Also write down when tests are due on the calendar. When you check your emails, also check the calendar daily. Don’t be discouraged, consider the struggles as exciting, and motivational, it really can be fun.

Life sometimes gets overwhelming for a single mother, and not having a good support system would be even more challenging. Not having a steady babysitter would seem disastrous. Enlist a family member to set with the child. Some are discouraged because one doesn’t understand the material one is working hard on. A church member is maybe good at english. A coworker maybe...
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