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Stephen O’Brien
Beth Baines
English 098
October 9, 2013
Struggles and Solutions in Becoming a Writer
Plenty of writers have had struggles, either in life or on paper. But most find solutions to overcome the road blocks they face. For instance, taking time for family, a simple change to your alarm clock, to give you that time of serenity to think, or even joining the military.

Judith Ortiz Cofer was a dedicated mother at the age twenty-one, while working a part-time job, and going through college. She once said, “I felt deprived, although I had all the things my women friends found sufficiently fulfilling in a “woman’s life” plus more; I was also teaching, which is the only vocation I always knew I had. But I had found poetry, or it had found me, and it was demanding its place in my life.” It might have been demanding its place in her life, but there just wasn’t enough time for it. She was traveling to three different campuses to teach freshman composition and the remainder of her time was spent supporting her daughter, with tap and ballet lessons. But the desire for poetry kept her up late for weeks, until she discovered that she didn’t have the energy to do it anymore. Her solution was to set her alarm clock for 5 a.m. but that proved to be bust. She shut it off because she could. So the next solution was to set two alarm clocks, one right next to her and the other out in the hallway. After she solved her waking up problem, she developed a morning ritual. Which consisted of putting on a pot of coffee and she would read what she had wrote the previous day until her coffee was ready. Then take fifteen minutes to drink two cups while her computer warmed up. From there it was up to her, she wrote when she was ready. The simple act of self motivation, gave her two hours a day, dedicated to her writing. This is how her novel, The Line of the Sun, was finished.
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