Struggle of Women in India

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  The Struggling Women in India
  Introduction All over the world women have a numerous amount of freedom. We have worked 1

for it hard and have succeeded. There is a country in this world that the women don’t have as much freedom as we do. That place is India. For centuries women in India have been struggling for freedom and the right to be treated fairly. During the time of Medieval India this was a ‘dark age’ for them. Muslims came and invaded the country and brought their own way of life. How they treat women was very different from what they were used to. They treat women as property of their father, brother, or husband and because of that they had no will power of their own. The Muslims believe in polygamy and took any women on the street they wanted and called them theirs. In order to protect the women they started to keep the women covered up with veils. Because of this veil the women had to wear, people started to see the women as useless and burden because they had to be protected. This was the start of how women were and are treated. (, 1999) There are several things that are really making it hard for women to do anything because of how horrible they are being treated. It can be show in their health, their education, and just all around treatment from the men. The women are human beings and need to be treated the right way. What happened back then needs to get fixed, because those women can make a big difference if they are to have the same treatment, then the economy might just be better. (Sanaa Unus, 2000) I. Health of the Women


Men are the most important in India, which gives the more benefits and puts the women’s wants and needs behind the men's. So if boys were to become sick they would be taken to the doctors and receive treatment. (Jejeebhoy and Rao, 1995). Women aren't’ allowed to wander off and go where they please. In the case of her needing to go the doctors, she would have to ask a male of the household to get permission to go. Usually the men would go with her, so if he didn’t want to go, then she is out of luck and doesn’t receive the treatment that she needs to get better. A lot of women have health issues that have to deal with being pregnant. The goal for a woman is to conceive boys. Women try to have as many kids as they can so they can have at least two boys that will make it to their adulthood and carry on the family name. (Victoria A. Velkoff and Arjun Adlakan, 1998). Research has shown that numerous pregnancies and closely spaced births erode a mother’s nutritional status which can negatively affect the pregnancy outcome (e.g., premature births, low birthweight babies) and also increase the health risk for mothers. (Jejeebhoy and Rao, 1995). Since the father prefers to have boys of girls, in the case of the mother conceiving a girl the father has a choice, does he want to keep her or get rid of her? In most cases he would have the baby girl aborted. When a women is given an abortion they don’t take the time to do it properly and safely, which can lead to health issues for women. If the father does decided to keep the little girl when she is born she is never treated as fairly from the get go. When the mother breastfeeds her kids, the girls are only fed for 23 months, and the boys 25 months (IIPS,1995).


From the start of a women’s life she is malnourished, though it gets worse as

The Struggling Women in India


they get older. Women cook the meals, give them to the men and let them eat. She is not allowed to eat anything until the men have finished. When they are finished she gets the scraps or nothing. Even eating just the scraps she doesn’t get enough nutrients to keep her body running the way it should. (, 1999) II. Women’s Education Issues...

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