Struggle and Michael Jackson

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Task 2B
“You’re just a step on the boss man’s ladder”
The meaning behind this is that his Boss does not give him a fair promotion. He is giving the other co-workers that work less than him more money. He wants to be treated equally. If he wants to do anything, he never gets allowed to. He feels that his Boss is out to get him. That he is just his Boss’s Rat, doing everything he says, but get nothing in return.

“Pour myself a cup of ambition”
What I think he mean by this is that he wakes up in a sunny bright morning, and wants to start the day with a fresh start. He wants a lot of ambitions when he wakes up. “It’s a rich man’s game”

This was a hard one, but I think he means that you are constantly thinking about having a better life, but you need to struggle to get there. Personally I think “Rich man’s world” means that the life is rich no matter what. That is is pretty much an amazing world “It’s all givin’ and no takin’”

I think he means that he gives so much to people, but never get it back in return the amount he gives. He works from 9 to 5, but never gets paid enough.

There Is “Hope” For Everyone.
Task 3B
“Life isn’t always fair, but you have to do the best with what you’ve got” The quote got me thinking really hard. What does it exactly mean? After a while I understood what it meant. It started to get pretty obvious. The meaning behind the quote is that life is not always fair as you want it, and we just have to live with that. You got to keep on moving, and be happy with what you got, because you cannot change that. If you follow those guidelines, then I am almost positive that you will find happiness in the nearest future. It will feel meaningless and unfair at the start sometimes, of course. I can understand that life is hard when everything is not fair. But, you got...
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