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Topics: Day care, Childcare, Evaluation Pages: 12 (3452 words) Published: February 1, 2013
''We want to help people balance work and personal lives, to enhance the quality of both sides of the equation.'' The Wisconsin Early Childhood Education Workshop for daycare providers at employer-sponsored centers is being held at the convention center in Madison. The purpose of this training is to teach directors (daycare providers) of a large privately-held, global manufacturer of household cleaning supplies how to create and maintain employer-sponsored partnerships - how to start, increase and improve child care centers in states and communities throughout the country. Participants will develop the knowledge and adequate skills to perform on the job, the need to constantly upgrade their personal development and see results on how it improves effectiveness, increases job satisfaction, salaries, and ensures career growth. Context:

The State Department of Children and Family Services is going to train all of the company’s child-care providers to develop and raise mandatory qualifications, to maintain the high standard of their services and customer (parents) satisfaction. The workshop will help them develop plans and procedures that could be implemented simultaneously in all divisions at the same time, with the same methods. This will be achieved by a series of lectures, presentations, discussions, and various hands-on exercises. Each exercise will have a short introduction, guided skill practice and feedback. Participants will be invited to conduct writing and dialogue activities and share their insights with the group. Potential Benefits:

A successful workshop would help the participants be more proficient in their work, refresh their knowledge of Child Care Regulations, Code of Ethics and practice good interpersonal skills, while gaining more practical skills to be able to run the financial and business side of a CEC program. In addition it will enhance the image of the employer’s professionalism and how much effort they put into their employee’s satisfaction.

The benefits of the training are valuable to the employer (it boosts recruitment, improves retention, lowers turnover, increases savings as a result of reduced absenteeism and higher employee productivity), as well as for the employee (a better attitude about managing work and care, being more able to concentrate, a greater control over work and family conflict, time savings).

Potential for Maintenance:

If participants continue to use their newly acquired knowledge and management skills they gain during the workshop, they will more than likely be able to maintain the positive image of the company, high standard of the center and good personnel performance. The employer will support the daycare providers in their efforts to succeed because it is beneficial to all: to have competent, productive, highly skilled management and employees. Daycare directors will become effective managers who support their employees, help them with training, encourage development and praise for competency. Various activities (interactive exercises – role playing, provider/customer feedback), video instructions, hands-on practice will be used to accomplish these goals. The employers will support the program because their goal is higher morale, a well trained staff, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity and lower turnover. If the upper management is well trained – the whole organization benefits, as well as the customers, who are satisfied and will stay with their business. The HR Department and the workshop leader will support the training because they see it as an effective way to help day care providers in the program whose goal is to integrate all the branches.


After an effective training participants will be...
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