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Topics: Hypothesis, Experiment, Theory Pages: 2 (442 words) Published: October 16, 2012
Jun Okubo
September 28, 2012
IBH Psychology
Mr. Altmann

In the 1930s, J. Ridley Stroop discovered a strange phenomenon. He asked his participants to name the colors of the words. In first trial, the color and the words matched. However, in the second trial, the colors and the words did not match. He found out that when the color and the words did not match, it took longer to name all the colors. There are several theories as to why there is a huge delay. The first theory is the speed processing theory. It explains that the interference is caused because words are read faster than colors are named. The second theory is the selective attention theory. It argues that naming the color takes more attention than reading the words. So this causes the interference. Since the publication of Stroop’s experiment, there were several other related studies, such as Barlow Wanley Amanda (2003), Fernstrom (1996), and Regan (1978). In the Barlow’s study, theses studies explain the concept of automaticity and facilitation. Facilitation is apparent because participants read the set of words that matched the color faster. The interference that is caused from contrasting words and colors has been associated to the concept of automaticity.

Although the participants are trying to name the color of the words, their automatic response to read the words causes delay in the reading. Also, in experiment of Tipper in 1985, he experimented on how the processing of ignored stimuli is impaired.

The aim of this study was to find how the identification of the color of the word is affected by the name of the color. So we tried to replicate the experiment in an international high school.
The independent variable was the different colors of the word. The dependent variable was the time required for the participant to read through the list of words. The constant variable would be the same set of words used. The reason is that when the words do match the color,...
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