Strong National Government vs. Strong State Government

Topics: Federal government of the United States, Federal government, United States Pages: 2 (614 words) Published: May 19, 2013
In Pyo Hong
February 19, 2013
6th Period
Persuasive Essay #3
Topic: Strong central government or Strong state government?

Does a strong federal government really benefit us, the people, as much as people say it does? A strong federal government compared to a strong local or state government is one of the major topics out there. Are you for a strong central government? A government where one man has the authority to wage wars? In reality studies show that a strong local government benefits the people more than officials would like you to know. In the end, it really doesn’t matter, but in reality, every power that the state government has the federal government has it and vice versa.

Strong state governments are great because any concern that is brought up in a small meeting is usually immediately taken into consideration. Because not every state require the same thing, have same values, and populations, local governments benefit in that they are able to set new laws that they will benefit from, whereas if it was implemented as a nation, some states may have problems with this new law. If a strong state government were implemented, state governments would be allowed to create new laws. Creating new laws take a very long time. This is because it has to go through many tiring and tedious processes. If state governments had the authority to implement laws, they would be able to implement laws almost immediately without having to get the consent of the federal government.

State governments can listen to their citizens better than a federal government where one voice is hard to be heard. Usually whenever something needs to be heard, but isn’t heard, a poll is taken to judge how important the given issue is. If a strong state government is implemented, these issues will almost immediately be taken care of. With a strong state government people will be able to decide the kind of lives they want t olive. Whether it be rights to bear arms or the making the...
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