Striving for Popularity

Topics: Want, Bullying, Emotion Pages: 2 (710 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Teenagers try to find who they really are inside the society. Some feel useless and unimportant in the world. They may have endured bullying younger or have a family issue, which makes them have the desire to be now greater than others. They reach puberty and start to want independence. They will start to yearn for popularity, because they’ll think it’s the only way they can become important to others eyes. They will do everything and anything to be liked by everyone, reaching their goals, they’ll start acting superior. So, striving for popularity leads students to negatively alter their real personality. Students striving for popularity start having a dominant attitude over their peers. They want attention from others, so they begin to do everything to make others admire them and follow them. But then what happens in trying so hard to please other people, especially many other people, the result is mediocre. Their internal goodness detector is disappointed with what they make. Instead of concentrating completely on academics, they focus more on socialism with people, because they think is what is more important to evolve in life. Well, they are wrong; striving for popularity will only bring negative factors. After they accomplished everything to be loved by others and known by everyone, even a small little error or mistake they will do, will be complete humiliation for them, because they are so obsessed by the fact that everyone should like them. People are going to criticize them more and more, because of their negative outlook they showed to everyone. They’ll be seen as the superior ones, much like bullies and everyone is going to be scared to insult or be in any conflict with them. Their attitude will just be completely fake all the time in front of people, because they believe that popularity is what they need to feel like they are valuable. They will have internal conflicts most of the time because in their soul and heart, they know who they really are...
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