Strictly Ballroom With Related Text Essay

Topics: Dance, Waltz, Social dance Pages: 3 (1342 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Strictly Ballroom Essay with a related text
Understanding nourishes belonging… a lack of understanding prevents it How does Strictly Ballroom represent this interpretation?

For an individual to belong in a world or to a group of people, they must sacrifice their individuality. If you clearly understand the true sense of belonging then you will belong without sacrificing your self- expression. But if you lack the understanding of true sense of belonging then you must live your life with many unnecessarily sacrifices. This concept is clearly demonstrated in a film called ‘Strictly Ballroom’ by Baz Lurhmann. In the film ‘Strictly Ballroom’ by Baz Lurhmann, to belong in a world of ballroom dancing, one must sacrifice their individuality. Those who hold power such as Barry Fife, the president of the dance federation resists and fears change. Those who don’t conform to the rules and regulations of the dance federation, do not belong in the strict nature of ballroom dancing. Baz Lurhmann successfully highlights the true sense of belonging through the use of music, dialogue, lighting, symbolism. The same concepts are seen in the related texts of ‘Caught In The Crowd’ which states “Understanding nourishes belonging and those who lack understanding prevents it” is effectively shown in ‘Strictly Ballroom’ as some characters portray this. In the opening scene, symbolism is portrayed when red curtains open up. This symbolises a world of performance. In this scene, we see the ballroom dancers dancing the traditional steps of the ‘Blue Danuble’ waltz. Scott and liz are dancing at the south warath dance championships. When Shirley Hastings calls out “Go number 100” to scott and liz, this conveys the audience that individuality is indeed sacrificed as if they were in prison. When scott results in dancing his own steps, we see a close up shot of Barry Fife’s face and says “Whats going on” to Les. At this point the audience realise that scott’s new way of dancing isn’t wanted...
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