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Belonging as a complex concept, which includes finding one’s place in the world. In both Strictly Ballroom and Little Miss Sunshine this concept is explored. Everyone belongs to a group in some way whether it is Family such as in Little Miss Sunshine or in ‘Strictly Ballroom’ belonging to the world of dance. In both Films belonging and what it means to belong or break away and be an individual are shown. In strictly Ballroom Scott and Fran and in Little Miss Sunshine the main character of Olive that believe in order to find their place in the world they must find where they belong,

In the Film Strictly Ballroom, the character of Scott Hastings illustrates the way we are often forced to choose between belonging to a group and following our individual desires. Scott’s need to dance his own steps and express his creativity clashes with his desire to win and pressure to belong both internally and externally. The films incorporation of slow motion sequence in the opening scene when Scott first decides to dance his own steps exaggerates a sense of euphoria within the character as a result of his choice not to dance traditionally. The scene is edited in such a way to articulate the unconventionality of Scott’s dance steps and intention to distance himself from the ‘dance world’, further illustrating his success in finding a means of belonging and place in the world. In the film Little Miss Sunshine Olive again challenges the preconceived notions of the typical beauty pageant world through a personal expression of self in the ending scene, the film highlight this idea through distinct visual and musical contrast. Olive’s costuming and performance are noticeably different to the other contestants in exchange for her being shown in a much more natural way without all the glitz and glamour very simular to the way Fran is shown, I have shown this difference in my visual aid here. They expose the unnaturalness of the other competitors because of this they are...
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