Stricter Laws on “Gun Control”

Topics: Gun politics in the United States, Firearm, National Rifle Association Pages: 4 (1157 words) Published: February 25, 2014

Stricter Laws on “Gun Control”
In the state of Texas, a shooting took place on September 6, 2013. A 46 year-old man, who was identified as Brian Cloninger, shot an 8 year-old African-American, Donald Maiden Jr., in the face. Prior to the shooting, Cloninger was seen waving his gun at people (Edwards). This incident and other similar incidents enraged our nation and have bought to citizens’ attention about how laws covering the sale of firearms should be made stricter. Too many people with mental illnesses are being allowed to buy firearms, and this problem only seems to be getting worse. Gun control is one of the biggest social issues at this moment, and yet guns are still getting in the wrong hands because laws for background checks are not as strict as they should be.

Gun laws on background checks should be stricter, because guns are still getting unto the hands of mentally unbalanced people. Background checks will prevent the mentally unstable to be able to buy guns easily. When 46 year-old Brian Cloninger shot 8 year-old Donald Maiden Jr., he had no motive for shooting the poor kid in the face. When asked if he shot 8 year-old Donald in the face by a witness; Cloninger said “Yes I shot that kid in the face” with no remorse in his attitude. Brian Cloninger could have a mental illness because no one, but absolutely on one, would shoot an 8 year-old boy in the face ever. A person would have to be mentally ill to commit such a crime against an innocent 8 year-old boy, but there will always be individuals like Cloninger that are unstable to think normally.

A similar case that happened in Washington, D.C was due to an emotionally defanged person owning a gun. A former navy reservist killed 12 people in a mass shooting at a secure military facility. After the gunman was killed by authorities, the gunman was identified as Aaron Alexis, 34, who was working for a military subcontractor (Miller). Aaron Alexis thought he was being bombarded by low-frequency...
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