Stress Survey

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Stress Survey

Name: Ngoc Quach

1. Check off any of the following symptoms you have experienced in the past 6 months.

x Headaches or migraines
Insomnia or sleep problems
Digestive trouble
Pain, tension, or numbness
Neck Legs
Menstrual problems
Shoulders Arms
Bladder trouble
Hands Low back
Ringing in ears
Weight trouble

2. Choose the one above that causes you the most problems:

Does this cause you to be any
of the following?
Does this affect your work in any of the following ways?
Does this affect your life in
any of the following ways?
Decision making
Lose patience with spouse or children
Poor attitude
Restricted household duties
Have interrupted sleep
Decreased productivity
Hinder your ability to exercise or play sports
Be restricted in your daily activities
Exhausted at the end of the day
Interferes with hobbies or activities

Unable to work long hours

Count the number of items above that you have checked.

If you have any number under five, you may have mild stress in your life and are probably at low risk for health problems. If you have any number under 10, you may have moderate stress in your life and are possibly more likely to have some kind of health problem in the next year. If you have a number over 10, you are may be extremely stressed and may have a health challenge looming in the near future unless you make changes. Use this information to answer the following questions, with a minimum of 100 words per answer.

1) Taking into consideration that 40% of all...
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