Stress reliever

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Stress Reliever
We all have busy daily lives, and we don’t have time to manage our stress which accumulates over time and causes serious health problems. Stress is a normal response from our body, and it’s necessary for life because it can affect our quality of life and health. In The Relaxation & Stress Reduction workbook, Martha Davis, Elizabeth Robbins Eshelman, and Matthew Mckay explain ways to reduce stress and techniques for calming our body and mind. We experience stress from environment and social relationships. Sometimes threats to our well-being are a form of stress. With this in mind, stress can have positive aspect as well, but we don’t take in stress as positive until we realize its benefits. However, stress can have negative effects when it becomes overwhelming, and overwhelming stress can influence our mental and physical health directly and indirectly. Therefore, poor physical health can cause muscle tensions and other discomforts whereas poor mental health can cause headaches and lead to serious physiological problems. An effective way to relieve stress is through meditation methods. There are three basic meditations such as mantra, breath-counting and sitting meditation.

In difficult times we get stressed and seek help to reduce stress, but we fail to do so. We can seek that help from within ourselves by mantra meditation. It is one of the basic meditation which can help us achieve awareness and keep our mind calm. Mantra mediation is the most commonly practiced stress relieving around the world, and the word mantra means “a word that has a special meaning for you. Or you may use nonsense syllables, the sound of which you pleasant” (T.R.S.R 53). Meditation usually begins with focusing on things which help to hold the other thoughts from entering our mind. Before doing mantra meditating, awareness of breathing and comfortable postures are important. Find yourself a comfortable posture and keep calm within the body and mind, then start...
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