Stress on Work

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Most of the time people feel overloaded. They feel that they need to handle too much pressure that they cannot keep going. Work, school, children, taxes, are just a few examples of what surrounds a regular person that defines his whole situation as stress. It is defined as anything that challenges or threats our well-being. There are many causes of stress. The most important deal with financial problems, workplace stress, personal relationships, health and irritants. Financial problems have always been the common factor for almost every human being. Interests, taxes, quotes, government regulations, etc., play a very important role in the daily lives of people. A balance should always be kept in our personal and corporate finances and the feeling that we cannot cope our financial responsibilities develop a high level of stress because most of the cases a person needs to maintain a whole family and his responsibility is even greater. That increase in stress makes the person start a series of calculations in order to know how much money will be left to cover his regular expenses or pay debts, his liquidity is being affected and with it his standard of living. Stress also appears in the places were we generate what we are. Workplaces are meant to be locations where you can have the necessary concentration to do your job and get paid for it. However, there are some of them in which bosses and even co-workers don’t get along with each other. This affects the performance of the employee in the way he won’t feel free to ask questions, talk to another worker, or have any positive interpersonal relationship. The employee will feel very stressed about going to work every day on these conditions, and once again become less productive for the organization. Health is definitely something to worry about. Trying to loose weight, gain weight, deal with heart diseases or any particular illnesses pretty much make us have a certain level of stress. If somebody feels that he cannot make it to improve his health, the person will be very stressed due to the situation that sometimes this can become life threatening. Some may feel that they cannot breath in the way they used to, others cannot see as before, etc. In order to be healthy the person needs to be very disciplined failure to this affects your organism and with that comes stress that makes it even more difficult to focus on your main goal that was to improve your health. Finally there are some irritants that affect everyone at a point in their lives. Having to see the doctor, going to your children’s school, discuss with somebody, traffic, and just the lack of time to relax are some examples that don’t let you free from stress. Many people may seem these examples as something minimum but the fact is that it makes people get an extra stress, and affects their mood. The sensations are all different but similar at a time. This type of stress appears almost every day making the person start or finishes the day in a negative way.

Consequences of Stress
Stress can generate various consequences for a person. Loosing concentration, mental disorders, or just becoming listless. In life, we deal with various situations that sometimes get to make us evaluate if we can really handle them. Sometime we think we can overcome them and sometimes don’t. Nevertheless, stress might take us to loose concentration in many cases. The fact that we keep thinking about a problem makes us loose our whole concentration in our objectives, and besides having an unpleasant time we get in situations that take time away from us and we don’t meet our companies or ourselves expectations. We then feel tired and psychologically speaking feel like we cannot think anymore in alternative solutions to our problems. Mental disorders are also an important consequence for too much stress. Sometimes people are completely overloaded and just cannot cope with it, so they end up being somehow insane or desperate. There have been...

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