Stress Management

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When a person becomes unhappy or mood out in their work we call that is a part of stress and also stress is the reason of rising to a challenge and preparing to meet a tough situation with focus, strength, stamina, and heightened alertness. Now a days mainly the workers having some stress in their work knowledge experience like in many ways. In my real life experience I face some of stress situations in my working conditions. In this reflective journal I like to share my stress experience in work and also here I explained the positive aspects of stress, causes of stress, problems of stress management and the solutions for the given problem. Finally I conclude using my stress management experience in work place.

Define stress:
Stress is the process of when a person affects physically and mentally. It is the process by which you mobilize energy for coping with change and challenges. Stress can come from your environment, your body, or your mind. Environment stress at work may be caused by noise, safety concerns, windowless settings, long hours, or unrealistic deadlines. Some bodily stress can be attributed to poorly designed workstations that produce eye strain, shoulder tension, or lower-back discomfort. But the stress that comes from our minds is the most common type of stress.

Positive aspects of stress:

Stress can be a powerful stimulus for growth if it motivates you to do your best work. It can build within you the energy and desire needed to perform effectively. It can also promote greater awareness and help you focus on getting tasks completed quickly and efficiently. However, a great deal of the mental stress we encounter every day is caused by our negative thinking and faulty reasoning.

Causes of stress

When we are under stress there are lots of things that happen to our life. Stress is not whole part of our life but we experienced almost everyday. Everyone wants to be calm and peaceful as ever with out stress. Stress is the fact that causes diseases and conditions like cancer and heart diseases. Some times it may increase the heartbeat. “Most people seem to agree that these are high pressure times. Employees complain of being burned out. Used up. Overloaded. Too many of us are just plain tired, overdosed on change, sick of ambiguity and uncertainty.”


Changes in the workplace come in many forms. For example in my previous year I had some work experience in networking side in my hometown. Due to the establishment of my networking company they shifted my work in another place. That is too long distance from my hometown and it will take the travel time 3 to 4 hours. For physically I get stress on this due to the change of company.

Techno stress

In today’s world the new technologies are increased day by day. Organizations are requires workers to quickly learn new techniques to keep up with the demands of employers, customers, suppliers, and communication in general. Techno stress is nothing but inability to cope with computer and related technologies in a healthy manner. When we sitting in front of the computer to do some technically work for long a long time then it creates the back strain or some eye problems and also it effects mentally.

Long hour or irregular schedules

Irregular schedules in working environment that making stress on the employees. In my networking job my supervisor allocates the working time in weekly basis by the way of evening shifts, rotating shifts like day time and night time, and weekend work. These kinds of working schedules are not permanent. When the working timings are different at all the time then it creates the stress on the for myself to do the work at a given time.

Financial Stress
Money problems can be a major source of stress in the world and also it creates the conflict between the organization and the employees.. Now a days stress is the major problem in an organization and society too. Relationship...
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