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Stress Levels of Business Owners and Employees
by Victoria Duff, Demand Media

The boss' stress often affects the entire company.
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A March 2010 study conducted by Grant Thornton International revealed that 56 percent of business owners feel their stress levels have increased over the past year. Topping the stress list is China where the drive to grow commerce and industry has placed extreme pressure on business owners to keep up with the rapid pace. Business owners in Ireland, Spain and Greece, countries experiencing severe economic downturns, also ranked high on the list owing to the stress of trying to keep their companies alive during hard economic times. Sponsored Link

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Types of Stress
There are three types of workplace stress: economic, business and personal. A recession places economic stress on a business because the normal sources of capital and revenues dry up as banks refuse to loan money and customers stop buying. Business stress relates to the internal difficulties a company may experience in producing a quality product fast enough to meet demand or reorganizing its operations in order to improve the quality of its product. Personal stress affects business owners and employees alike. It is a result of long work hours, pressure to succeed and family and health concerns. Business Owners

Business owners carry the burden of managing the company so it grows and produces enough revenue to pay employees and the...
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