Stress & job satisfaction

Topics: Employment, Workplace stress, Management Pages: 4 (1372 words) Published: October 16, 2014
Stress is one concept that is complex that researchers cannot agree on a single definition for it. Consequently, there are many different explanations of the concept. For instance, Hans Seyle defines stress as primarily “a psychological reaction to certain threatening environmental events.” For him, work related stress would simply refer to the stress caused by events in the work environment. Some believe that stress is “the physiological and/or psychological reactions to events that are perceived to be threatening or taxing.” While other opine that work related stress are reactions resulting from a worker’s perception that a certain environmental event is a threat or a Challenge. More practically, scholars have attributed worker stress to various factors which occur on or away from the place of work. For instance, Riggio believes that there are two sources of work related stress; the environmental-(situational stress), or from an individual personal Characteristics (dispositional stress). Situational stress are caused by all aspects of one’s live called stressors which can occur at home, at school or in our places of work. However, the stress at home can spill over to work situations and vice versa because researches have realized while studying the causes of stress that it is important to look at the broad picture of an individual’s total stress life. EFFECT OF STRESS ON JOB

Stress is also related to poor job performance. Stress can have positive impact on employee performance as some people perform more under stress but its negative impact seems likely to outweigh its positive impact. It is in view of this that the due process mechanism is imperative in any organization but especially in the public service since it creates room for individuals to behave normal and as such derive positive feelings about their job. When there is due process, it will reduce worker stress and engender job satisfaction. Although, worker stress may impact either...
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