Stress-Having Fun

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Fun to me is relaxation and time spent with family. It’s a break from work and responsibilities to just chill or watch television. I know when I’m having fun when the time flies by and you don’t want to stop whatever it is that you’re doing. I can also tell I’m having fun because I become more upbeat. I feel more talkative and social when I’m have a good time. Some of the barriers that keep me from having fun are time and money. I don’t feel I have enough time or money to do some of the fun things I would like to do. The barriers aren’t real at all because it doesn’t take money all the time to have fun and you can always make a little time to have fun.

I don’t think I have too many blocking beliefs at having fun. I used to think you couldn’t have fun unless I was drinking or drugging or doing so other immoral thing. I use to also believe I had too many responsibilities to have fun. That all changed when I got sober and realized that those beliefs were wrong. I believe now that you can just be around people who care about you to have a good time. It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to do that. A behavior I’ve had to adapt was not being so serious all the time and to take time to comfort yourself.

A strategy that I can try is by scheduling time to have fun for myself and my family. All the activities seem some what exciting but there are a few that probably would never do. I would however take a day of work for me. Take a walk and a long bath seems fun also.
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