stress at workplace

Topics: Stress, Employment, Occupational health psychology Pages: 4 (1055 words) Published: September 28, 2014
The stress at workplace: (meeting the challenge)
This research article discusses the causes and impacts of workplace stresses, its role in lost productivity, and effects of job stresses of woman workers. This describes how a woman worker in different organizations suffers for stresses. Due to different kind of stresses in different organizations among the employees made the management of stress a compulsory strategy in American organizations. The climbing figures are hard to ignore. Nearly three-quarters of American workers surveyed in 2007 reported experiencing physical symptoms of stress due to work. This statistics is given by American Psychological Association (APA). They also showed that round about 15% of employees’ surveyed ranked work at top level of stress. There are some factors that cause the stress among the employees within the organizations. Some of them include, the faltering economy, shrinking incomes. On-the-job stressors range from unclear job expectations and time pressures to noisy work stations. It also includes lack of balance between work and life. This can add to the stress load, especially for women who tend to be the primary caretakers of children at homes. With all these factors of stress causes less productivity, high turnover and absentees. And most significantly, they incur healthcare costs twice as high than for other employees. The estimate cost of less productivity to the organizations is about $200 to $300 billion due to stress. Now a days stress and inflated healthcare cost is mostly discusses by the organizations and how to improve their systems in accordance with these situations. A dual strategy of organizational change and individual stress management, businesses can promote productive employees and reduce healthcare cost in organizations. Some effects of job stress are more easily quantified than others. Here are the many ways that prolonged, unhealthy job stress affects costs: Stress-related distraction or sleepiness...
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