Stress and Suicide among College Students

Topics: Suicide, Bipolar disorder, Parasuicide Pages: 3 (1213 words) Published: December 7, 2011
Stress and Suicide Among College Students:

As I thought about which topic I should use to write this research paper the ideas of health and illness, memory, and human development all ran through my head. When I realized the paper was due in a week, I suddenly became stressed. At that point my decision was made. In my paper I would discuss college related stress!

Stress, whether it is in high school, college, or the working field, can take an incredible toll on a person. There are many thing which can cause stress such as workload, job status, accountability, task variety, human contact, and physical and mental challenges.(Wood 472) All these stressors, which are variable which cause physical and emotional stress, can have an affect on your body, thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Stress can lead to nail biting, twitching, chest and back pain, stomach issues, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, fatigue, anxiety, and depression. The most important part of stress is how you deal with it or handle it. This is called a coping mechanism. It is crucial to deal the feeling of being stressed out or a stressor in an healthy way. Some people listen to music, go to the gym, sing, or dance. Anything would be better than resorting to drugs, alcohol, or bad habits. Doing that may lead to increased stress, anxiety, which could induce suicidal thoughts. (Nordqvist)

Suicide and depression among college students is a widely discussed topic in the world today. Why is the number of depressed students in college and universities so high? What are the causes of depression and suicidal thoughts? In December of 2005 a powerpoint was created of all details from a study called, “ The Big 10 University Student Suicide Study.” The study takes the suicide rates for young age groups, suicide attempt rates in the US in 2001, and population in US college and universities. Most numbers are taken from the statistics and population of the Big Ten athletic conference schools, which are in the mid...
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