Stress and Personality Types

Topics: Personality psychology, Personality type, Type A and Type B personality theory Pages: 3 (1018 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Stress and your personality type
It's now widely accepted that there are three basic personality types. These have the wildly original names of Types A, B and C. We all have elements of each type in our makeup. One, or perhaps two, however, will dominate. It's very useful to find out which personality type best describes your personality because this can tell you a great deal about how likely it is that you'll become stressed and, if you do, why and how you'll handle it. Note: we've used "he" throughout this article: please take this to mean "she" as well. Type A

The Type A personality traits are impulsiveness, competitiveness and the need to get things, lots of things, done quickly. Type A is always in a hurry, lives by timetables and deadlines, is a perfectionist and has difficulty delegating any tasks, and therefore ends up trying to do everything himself. He is also likely to be impatient and can be aggressive. Such a person is very unlikely to undertake too much self-analysis - everyone else has the problem, not him! Anyway, he hasn't got the time to waste in worry out about such things.... The Type A individual is often driven by feelings of insecurity. Such a person often becomes one of life's high achievers, in the belief that by achieving their goals and ambitions they will gain the level of control they feel they need in order to overcome their feelings of insecurity. Generally, a Type A person has no idea why he is so driven. You can see from all this that Type A people are prime candidates for stress and stress-related illnesses. The Type A personality is the energetic one who suddenly has a breakdown when he finally uses up his reserves of energy. This personality type also has the highest risk of heart disease. Because the problems which give rise to stress are part of his personality are personality related, the only way such a person can truly de-stress themselves is by acknowledging the problem and being prepared to change some aspects of...
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