Stress and Negativity in Our Human Minds

Topics: Thought, Mind, Psychology Pages: 4 (1581 words) Published: March 31, 2010
SPC Mattadeen, Judy Corine
Ms. Alexa Fernandez
Effective Essay Writing
January 26, 2010
Eliminating stress and negativity is the most important factor in our human minds. In general it is so powerful we almost feel like we can’t cope with it. Finding ways to fight stress and negativity is crucial to not only handle the ways of life but to really live a happier and more meaningful life. Stress and negativity is not a new agenda or a phenomenon. It has been a huge experience in mankind throughout history. These feelings accumulate in our lives and in our soul over time. Although sometimes these experiences are unavoidable. There are ways that can be done to help go through the process of eliminating stress and negativity and feeding our human minds with a good and positive outlook in life. Having a positive mentality and eliminating the negativity of stress in ourselves is not going to just fall upon us. It’s really a choice we have to make. Being positive doesn’t necessarily come naturally. It’s our decision that we have to make daily. Is stress an enemy to us human beings? Of course it is because you deal with so much negative energy. That alone merges to different type of problems that we encounter in our daily lifestyle. Be at work or at home, thus this type of emotions is everywhere. Now it is up to us on how we handle the situation that can either make us or one way to break us. We make the choice. (Melinda Smith, M.A., Ellen Jaffe-Gill, M.A, & Robert Segal M.A. 2008) ( Stress and negative feelings

The stress of always feeling bad can lead to deep depression and medical disorder. Our body and our mind are a continuum. In other words focusing too much on being angry, fear or having fear of failure is one of the contributing factor of self destruction and having such failure in achieving such goals that we human want in...
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