Stress and Conflict

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Stress is a psychological reaction to the demands inherent in a stressor that has the potential to make a person feel tense or anxious because the person does not feel capable of coping with these demands. All stress is not intrinsically bad since moderate levels of stress can serve as stimulation. However, stress does become a problem when it leads to especially high levels of anxiety and tension. Personality and Stress

Personality can affect both the extent to which potential stressors are perceived as stressful and the types of stress reactions that occur. Three key personality traits are locus of control, Type A behaviour pattern, and negative affectivity. * Locus of Control:

* Locus of control refers to a set of beliefs about whether one’s behaviour is controlled mainly by internal or external factors. * Type A Behaviour Pattern:
* Type A behaviour pattern is a personality pattern that includes aggressiveness, ambitiousness, competitiveness, hostility, impatience, and a sense of time urgency. Type A people report heavier workloads, longer work hours, and more conflicting work demands. * Negative Affectivity:

* Negative affectivity is the propensity to view the world, including oneself and other people, in a negative light. They are particularly likely to feel stressed in response to the demands of a heavy workload.

Stressors in Organizational Life
Some stressors can affect almost everyone in any organization, while others seem especially likely to affect people who perform particular roles in organizations.

Reducing or Coping with Stress
There are a number of personal and organizational strategies that can help reduce or cope with stress. * Job Redesign : Organizations can redesign jobs to reduce their stressful characteristics. * Social Support: The support of others can help us deal with stress. * Family Friendly”...
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