Stress Among University Students

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Stress is associated with the absence of inner peace in eastern philosophies. Moreover, “stress is a peculiar problem in that no one can consistently predict the amount or kind of stress that can turn an otherwise normal, positive human situation into one involving an unpredictable, irrational response”. The level of stress experienced by teens on a daily basis has been described in lay and professional literature. Youngsters or teens, often have stress in their lives. Whether caused by the loss of a friend or loved one, a recent move, being teased or bullied, difficulties at home, or problems at school. Childhood stress can lead to behavioral problems, anxiety, depression, headaches, drug use, and insomnia, among many other symptoms and medical problems. Physiological development, cognitive differences, pubertal changes, immature coping mechanisms, slower recovery from stressful events, and lack of experience in dealing with stress may intensify the stressful events experienced by adolescents

Adults often underestimate this level of stress and may not always be cognizant of the potential consequences of stress on teens and young adults. This lack of appreciation of the stress experienced by adolescents may be partially related to a lack of awareness of the sources of stress in teen life, the changing nature of stressors through time, the ever-evolving complexities of adolescent life, and the tendency for adults to minimize their own personal stress during the teen years or compare their teen years to the experiences of others. (Herman, 2005).

Acc to, Glenn M Calagus 2011, one form of stress constantly being experienced by students is academic stress, “Academic stress is the product of a combination of academic related demands that exceed the adaptive resources available to an individual” and academic stress adversely affects the overall adjustment of students.

The purpose of this study was to determine teen perceptions about the stressors they face, offering an adolescent perspective to the literature related to teen stress. Also, it finds the difference between the stress factors among the boys and girls. Different stressors such as time management, financial problems, sleep deprivation, social activities, and for some students even having children, can all pose their own threat to a student’s academic performance. According to Lau (2002), “Teens can experience a spectrum of stresses ranging from ordinary to severe” (p. 238). Stress has been associated with a variety of high-risk behaviors, including smoking, suicide, depression, drug abuse, behavioral problems, and participating in highrisk sexual behaviors (Finkelstein, Kubzansky, Capitman, & Goodman, 2007. In addition, long-term exposure to stress is associated with a variety of chronic psychological and physical illnesses (Goodman et al., 2005). High-risk teens, or those who live in social disadvantage, may be at increased risk for illness related to chronic exposure to stress, discrimination, stigma, and a “harsh social environment” (Goodman et al., 2005, p. 485). Chandra and Batada (2006) purported that assessing adolescent stressors and “the impact of stress is the first step in the prevention and treatment of its associated chronic diseases” (p. 2).

This study was taken because stress is very common among the students of universities and colleges of Karachi, therefore, it is very important to conduct a research and determine the main causes of stress among students, in order to take measures to help them. Also, stress leads to many behavioral problems which need to be reduced. Some very common stressors that we have also focused mostly on are:

Academic problems:
This includes different problems such as pressure of good grades, parents and teachers’ expectations and also short class attendance. Most of the students are under stress a lot due to the academic pressures. Our research will tell the perspective of students of...
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