Stress Among Asian American College Students

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Stress Among Asian American College Students

Jasmine Ibarra

San Jose State University

Wielunski, HS 135

Stress among Asian American College Students

It comes to no surprise that students in college in the United States suffer from stress. However, for one particular population, Asian American students, the numbers are sky rocketing and daunting. Among all college students who suffer from stress this specific population seems to have higher levels than White American students. Asian American students that suffer from stress are more likely to commit suicide or lower their health outcomes. Many Asian Americans commit suicide because of family issues, relationships, cultural differences, and racism (Koo, Wong, Tran, YuChen, & Yvonne, 2011). The Asian American population is a very fast growing group. California has a very large population of Asian Americans with a large concentration of Vietnamese people. Majority of Asian Americans attend college, but it isn’t so easy for them. Being Asian American, acculturating into another culture may be very stressful. Health issue

Stress is a major issue for college students as they grapple with a variety of academic, personal, and social pressures. Students often become overwhelmed, even though a certain level of stress is helpful and can improve performance; too much stress negatively affects health. When referring to stress it should be clearly defined that stress is a response to change from the norm. There are two main forms of stress, which include eustress and distress. Eustress is the positive form of stress and distress is the negative form of stress. Unfortunately, among the Asian American College student population it is evident that distress is tremendously existent. Stress is known to be a leading cause of depression, and depression may lead to suicide (Chipas, 2012). If stress is causing depression, than there are further health issues that will rise and concern health care providers. Some symptoms of stress include over-eating, lack of sleep or too much sleep, depression, anxiety, and much more. Ultimately the effects of stress on this population prove to be negative and in some cases even lead to death. Causes

There are so many events in life that are found to be stress provoking, for example, starting school, having no job, moving, or a decreased income. On top of the normal stressors college life has to offer these emerging adults are facing cultural factors that are causing them to suffer from stress. Trying to fit in and be accepted is a huge factor in this time in these individuals’ lives. The prevalence of this health issue has been increasing over time since the demand of college students only becomes more difficult as time progresses. Some Asian Americans suffer from racism, living up to cultural expectations, finances, and difficulty fitting in. Trying to maintain the traditions becomes one example that causes stress is this population is the priority of Asian American college students to finish school and obtain a high degree to make their parents proud, a difficult task when trying to acculturate to the American culture. Treatment

Some suggestions for coping with stress include exercising, meditating, sleeping, and even listening to music. It is very important to make the time for leisure activities to help cope better with stress and reduce the risk for suicidal behavior. Exercise is at the top of the list when it copes to treatment for stress. Humans who exercise are less likely to suffer from stress (Greenwood, 2012). Other typical recommendations for the reduction of stress include meditating, yoga, sleeping, reading, and listening to music. If Asian American students made the time for these recommended treatments there would most likely be a significant decrease in the stress levels among this community. Prevalence

Although college is a stressful time for many...

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