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Stress is a common thing in everyone's life. It is always associated with the happiest movement of life or the dangerous movement of life. Stress, stress, stress….. Is a common and universal phenomenon for everyone? Stress accumulation is a common problem and you are very difficult to manage it due to your lifestyle and attitude. In most of time, the term ‘Stress’ use to express their negative experience that happened in everyone's life. It either distress or eustress. Distress represent negative stress and Eustress represent positive stress. You able to manage and control distress and convert into eustress. You become happy and lead to peace and prosperous life without problems. This concept applies to everyone's life.

This book is divided into seven chapters via Stress, Reasons Of Stress, Types Of Stress, Stress At Work Place, Manage Stress At Work Place And Stress Management Techniques and Stress Management : Leading To Success.

In This Chapter, You Understand The Stress, Characteristics Of Stress In The Form Of Physical Signs, Mental Stress, Social Characteristics Of Stress, Spiritual Characteristics Of Stress, Emotional Characteristics Of Stress, Behavioral, Interpersonal Stress Characteristics, Biological Stress Characteristics, Cognitive Stress Characteristics, Sensation, Areas Of The Body Affected By Stress.

You have anger, anxiety, and depression. These results accumulate to various varieties of stress. Stress can affect and effect to both of your body and mind. You have accumulated large amounts of stress. You can become tired, sick and unable to concentrate or think clearly and unable to take right decisions in connection with the right job. Sometimes, you may suffer mental breakdowns.

Many practices are connected with the behavior of individual persons. Your bad behaviors may increase your stress level and your good behavior may decrease of stress and its level. The person who takes drugs, pain medicines, alcohol, smoking and heavy eating. Actually these activities worsen the stress. Stress affects the body, mind and behavior in many ways and everyone experience stress and feel it differently.

Stress is the pressure of the body of you. It is responding to you. You have stressed: it is any kind of you to be demanding to  cause with both good and bad experiences of life into more your life. When you have been felted stressed at that time your bodies react by releasing chemicals into the blood. These chemicals give more energy and strength to you: it is better for you. Meanwhile, it is bad for you when it is caused to be more dangerous to you. You think that many things of life that influenced to you and can cause stress to you from physical to emotional and mental. Stress is our body’s instinctive response to external environmental cues as well as to one’s inner thoughts and feelings. When you observe yourself your body consciously shows that your body is reacting and its response in terms of mental, physical, emotional, etc.

Source of Stress arises within the inside and   outside forces from an environment  world. It is  affecting to  the individual. Stress is associated with an  individual and an environment. Stress is reasoning from causes of  all types of diseases of human being.

Term 'Stress'  is defined from a biological point of view; stress may be a neutral, negative, or positive experience. Stress is connected to both external and internal factors. External factors are physical environment includes job, relationships with others, home, challenges, difficulties and expectations of the daily life you. Internal factors determine a person's body’s ability to respond and deal with external stress off you. Internal factors are emotions, mental ability and ability to handle, etc. Prolonged, uninterrupted, unexpected and unmanageable stresses are the almost damaging types of stress to your health, body and...
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