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Stress: Some Major Effects

Stress stems from many different sources and important effects on persons who experience it.

Stress and health: the silent killer

- Stress plays some role in 50-70% of all physical illness included some of the most serious and life-threatening ailments known to medical science: heart disease, high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries( 動脈硬化), ulcers(胃潰瘍), and even diabetes.

Immune system:
the mechanism through which our bodies recognize and destroy potentially harmful substances and intruders, such as bacteria, viruses, and cancerous cells.

Prolonged exposure to stress can interfere with immune system,and exposed to inescapable shocks demonstrate reduced production of lymphocytes. Disruptions in interpersonal relationships
Academic pressure
Daily hassles
The lack of social support
A study: The effects of social stability on the immune system of monkeys Social support, such as affiliative behaviors(親和行動),may be an important buffer against the adverse effects of chorionic stress. Optimism, regular excercise, and feelings of control over stressful events (effective ways of dealing with their stressors) are associated with reduced suppression of immune system under stress. Stress and task performance 

Even relatively low low levels of Stress becomes distracting, and performance actually drops in today's complex work world. People experiencing stress may focus on the unpleasant feelings and emotions it involves, rather than on the task at hand. Prolonged or repeated exposure to mild levels of stress may exert harmful effects on health. As arousal increases, task performance may rise at first, but that at inflection point ( depend to an important extent on the complexity of the task performance ) it falls.  ⇨These effects are often most evident among people who are under tremendous pressure to perform well.      ⇔Still, some people are able  to rise to the occasion at times when stress in intense....
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