Stresemann's Successes

Topics: Treaty of Versailles, Weimar Republic, Adolf Hitler Pages: 1 (387 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Describe the features of Stresemann’s successes abroad the years 1924-29 (6 Marks)

Perhaps the most important thing Stresemann did to help the Weimar republic, who at the time were in a devastating economic crisis, was that he abolished the old currency and introduced the Rentenmark. This did help to tackle the problem of inflation in the country. Although the effects of introducing this currency were ultimately short term, it brought hope to an otherwise hopeless republic. However money was still an issue. Germany still had to find $6.6bn as reparations and in such an economic crisis it seemed impossible, until the Dawes plan was introduced that resulted in reparations lowered to a more manageable level, a boost in German economy and industry and the French left the Ruhr. Stresemann followed in Charles Dawes footsteps by introducing the Young Plain, making further progress. The plan reduced reparations further and gave a 59 year extension for a deadline, which again boosted the moral of the German people and gave a long term succession as taxes were lowered therefore, industry was boosted. In 1925 Stresemann needed to make international relations better and signed the Locarno Pact. This meant that peace was beginning to be made with Britain, Belgium, France and Italy and cleared up where the border for Germany was. In result, the last troops left the Rhineland, this was a major relief for most of the German people, but some thought there were better options, like demanding the lost land back and threatening the countries through military action. This was another step forward to being accepted into the League of Nations, and soon enough, a year later Stresemann managed to get Germany into the League of Nations, which boosted confidence in the German people and showed that Germany was regaining power again. Stresemann was awarded for his efforts and was given the Noble Peace Prize. Two years later, another pact was signed by Germany and 65 other...
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