Strengths and Weakness

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Learning Team Worksheet: Strengths and Weaknesses Assessment and Preliminary Project Plan (Due Week Two)

Directions: By responding to the following questions, your team will lay the foundation for building a successful Learning Team Charter. These questions will ask team members to think about their individual goals, strengths, and weaknesses and then consider this information in light of the overall mission of the team. By conducting such a preliminary assessment, teams will be in a better position to construct the most efficient and satisfying strategy for fulfilling the team’s purpose. Answer the following questions with typed responses. Each question below contains multiple subtopics. Each question, including all subtopics, should be answered in 25-50 words. 1. What are the academic goals of each team member? What are the career goals of each team member? How do the academic goals of other members relate to their career goals? My (Tina) academic goals are to become an accountant. My goals are to get through school with a degree. I am thinking of trying to work for the government, so I can get the schooling paid for. Have good benefits and so on. My current job keeps me very motivated and the money will not be a bad thing.

2. What are the strengths of each member of the team? How have these strengths been demonstrated in the past (at work, at home, or in college)? How have each team members’ strengths contributed to the overall success of the team in accomplishing team objectives and projects. At home, my goals are to get through school and get my degree. So I am dedicated to accomplishing this task by going to the University of Phoenix. At work, I demonstrate customer service, by being on the front-line. Friendly, and compassionate and we all work towards customer satisfaction. At college, I help to get all the group members together and listen and learn. While they do the same to me....
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