Strengths and Limitations of Assessment Methods

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Strengths and limitations of different assessment methods

Assessment Method| Strengths| Limitations|
Direct Observation| Allows the assessor to see the candidate in action and may be able to cover several aspects of the qualification during a single session (see also Holistic)The observation can take place while the candidate’s normal work place so there is minimal disruption as they are able to continue to do their job while being assessed.| A fixed date and time must be arranged to suit both the learners and the assessor.Others may need to be consulted i.e. for access arrangements to the workplace.Unless the observation is recorded in some way then there will be no permanent record of the exercise.Candidate may “perform” differently from their norm.Additional Questions will have to be asked to confirm the assessors understanding of the situation| Questions| Questioning can take a number of forms.They can be delivered orally or in written form. Oral questions may suit some candidates better, such as dyslexics.A bank of questions could be devised for mandatory and optional questions which can be used for a number of assessments over time.The candidate can be asked to explain why they did something; this gives them an opportunity to expand on things like procedures, policies or legislation.Questions asked during or after an observation help cover the additional criteria being assessed by explaining why they did something or to clarify things that happened during an observationTypes of questions to use:Open questionsProbing questionsHypothetical questions| Closed question should be avoided as they will elicit a yes or no response.Leading questions should not be used as they will lead the candidate to give an answer that they think the assessor wants to hear, this does give a true reflection of the candidate’s abilities.Types of questions to avoid:Closed questionsLeading questions| Witness Testimony| The testimony given by a reliable witness i.e....
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