Strength and Weakness

Pages: 2 (645 words) Published: September 3, 2013
It’s a strange thing when this comes across my mind because usually we don’t look for this in our personality although I’m sure of their existence. Strength and weakness, two contradicts that we usually dig for in others, but what about us? I really haven’t tried to determine these in me but I’m sure that I have them both. First, my points of strength. I know that I’m an intelligent person because I achieved almost everything comes in my way. I’m a confident human. I’m a quick learner so I don’t take much time to cope with new things. I’m an ambiguous person that always has something covert which people admires and sees it interesting. I’m a patient person and I don’t get angry easily. I’m a leader by nature. I’m an honest person and I don’t know even how to tell a lie. I’m an obedient person. I’m a straight person who doesn’t follow crooked methods. I’m modest and hate to search for others defects. I’m always optimistic in life no matter what happens because I know that Allah fated something better for me. I can make friends easily so I’m a social person. I have a funny spirit, I laugh and smile and make others happy unintentionally. Secondly the weaknesses which I prefer to call a calamity that I must abolish. When it comes to women I’m a shy person. When I’m supposed to talk I look to the ground instead of eye contact. If I had an appointment or a conversation with an important person I prepare the ideas and any possibilities but in reality when I start talking everything fades and I start stuttering. I have a bad habit that I judge people by concrete or physical things like the appearance, voice or if he or she is garrulous. I have an OCD in organizing, cleaning and even in telling details in a seamier way that I annoy others around. I’m a sensitive person in non-suitable situations. I’m a stubborn person

Strength and weakness points ..
Indeed, when I start thinking talking about myself, it takes 48 hours from me, and I found that who am I? and...
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