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Many people have different qualities, but many people can argue what is the “best quality” you can have. Personally strength to me, is what everyone needs to get through life okay. You don’t realize how much strength you do have till you stop crying in that moment, and realize how strong you are and how little this problem can be. Strength to me is the state of being strong; the ability to maintain a moral position. The ability to take pain us not the only definition or example of how you could be strong, as some would argue. Being strong is being open minded that anything is possible to overcome. It can be as simple as falling down and cutting yourself, and finding the strength to not cry about it and get back up. Having strength is facing what life will always challenge you to do. Having strength is knowing you have support but being alone and facing your problems by yourself is just as easy.

Strength was mysterious ways of working out. Through the most amazing times where you can’t stop smiling or even when you are on your knees crying asking for help. Life has no solutions, even life will hurt you. The difference between how people handle being hurt shows exactly how strong you really are. At that point you realize, most of the time your actions is affecting one thing or another. Not only and impact to your life dramatically, but an impact on those who surround you. All the simple things in life are openly or secretly preparing you to be strong, so even at your lowest point, you know you will not break. You show strength when you accept you have hurt someone, and not only taking their pain you are capable of suffering with yours too. It is okay to be hurt, with that you are showing strength. Even though you are hurting as well, you are strong enough to know you are wrong and accept what is done is done. You get hurt and pick yourself back up and others around you because being weak in not an option in this society. Sometimes being hurt will be...
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