Street Hawkers

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The Drama Competition serves as a platform for students and teachers to promote and demonstrate creative ideas in their work. Drama motivates students to use English and therefore, their command of the language can be improved.

It is hoped that Drama themes such as peace, prosperity, love, sacrifice, dynamism, integration and/or historical events can instill values amongst students to be more sensitive and appreciative towards local art.


2.1To support the nation’s efforts to encourage the use of English Language amongst students.

2.2To encourage students to appreciate drama as it promotes integration and inculcates moral values.

2.3To provide the opportunity for students and teachers to exhibit their talents and creativity in the art of dramatization; the usage of English which incorporates script writing, directing, stage management and other technical aspects.

3General Rules

3.1This competition is open to all students from Form 1 to 5 in all government-aided schools. Each team comprises a maximum of 15 participants (including the technical crew: stage manager, technical coordinator, set and prop assistant) and two teachers-in-charge.

3.2 All team members must be from the same school.

3.3The winning team will represent the state at the zone level. The zone champion team will compete at the national level.

3.4 Duration of stage performance is limited to 20 minutes.

3.5The drama must incorporate one of the following themes:-

2. Love
3. Socio-cultural
4. Dynamism
5. Harmony
6. Historical Events
7. Myth/Legend

3.6Participating teams are encouraged to use original scripts. Nevertheless, translated scripts or interpretation of established plays are allowed.

3.7Drama scripts and synopsis should be typed using Font 12 Times New Roman on A4 paper and sent to the Organizing Committee two weeks before the competition proper.

3.8Judging is based on these criteria:-

3.8.1Creativity of Drama35 %

3.8.2Language30 %

3.8.3Overall Coordination & Presentation25 %

3.8.4Positive Values/Message10 %


3.9Teams which do not abide the rules will be disqualified.


1. Language

1. It is compulsory to use English Language throughout the drama presentation. Nevertheless, limited use of certain Malay registers is allowed. 2. Use of vulgar words is strictly prohibited. 3. Scripts must not touch on sensitive issues such as ethnic slur, religion and personal issues.

2. Theme

1. The drama must portray the selected theme. This criterion will be evaluated through the script and presentation. 2. Themes must not touch on political issues, racism, government policies (except beneficial policies), religious issues (except those with moral values) and other sensitive issues.

3. Costumes

1. Participants should wear appropriate and decent clothes that suit the characters they portray.

4. Set and Props

1. Minimize use of set and props.
2. The set should be stable and its arrangement should not hinder the movement of the team members on stage. 3. The use of sharp objects (such as knives, keris, etc.), flame and dangerous chemical substance is prohibited. 4. Each team is encouraged to have a crew on duty for the set and props. 5. Ensure safety of the set and props used. Please clear the waiting area to...
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