street foods literature

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submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree
in the
at the


Prof HG Van Rooyen

January 2006

I would like to sincerely acknowledge the assistance of all individuals and organisations who contributed to making this research project successful. In particular I thank Ruth Brown of the London South Bank University in the United Kingdom, a language expert who edited this research project. My special and sincere gratitude go to my promoter from the University of Johannesburg, Professor Hugo van Rooyen, for his guidance and supervision throughout this research project. Professor van Rooyen was more a friend than supervisor during the research project, and he is heartily thanked for his very positive approach and encouragement which kept me going at all times. I am indebted, too, to both Professor Elizabeth Henning and Doctor Gillian Godsell for their guidance, enthusiasm and motivation in the course of the research task.

I also want to thank Nicolas Lotz who assisted me with literature research and Dr MN Nkoe for his assistance in conducting focus group and individual interviews in Northern Sotho. His professional manner in assisting with this research project is appreciated. Dr Nkoe sacrificed his time from his busy schedule and afforded me the opportunity to interview street vendors in Polokwane, many kilometres away from Gauteng.

My sincere thanks also go to Mr. J Pieterse, a curriculum specialist who advised me on the framework of a training programme.
The provincial health department of Limpopo is thanked for offering me the opportunity to conduct research in its area of jurisdiction. The Department of Environmental Services of the city of Polokwane, as well as the street vendors themselves, were available to me at all times and this has contributed immensely to the success of the project.

The research could not have been a reality without financial inputs. I thank the National Research Foundation (NRF) and the former Technikon Northern Gauteng management for funding the project. This research would not have


been successful had it not been for such generous contributions from these organisations.
I sincerely thank my foster parents, Erna and Franz Werbitzky, my sister Elke and her family, my brother Jurgen and his family, and Ute in Germany for the support you gave me from 1974 to date. I owe this achievement to all of you. May God bless you.

I sincerely thank my wife, Munyadziwa Agnes, for her moral support and understanding during the many nights and weekends I have spent both with her and away from her during the pursuit of this thesis. My son, Bruce, was always there when the technology went wrong, and my daughter, Sharon, willingly undertook the initial typing of this thesis. My sons, Chris and Leon, were always there for me. I thank each of you for your patience when I have kept you until late at night while typing this project, and for all the sacrifices you have made for me during this time.

Finally, all those who directly and indirectly contributed to the success of this research project are heartily thanked. Many kilometres stretch between the inception of this project and its completion. God the Almighty, my creator, I thank You for my health and Your protection along the way.



This research is dedicated to
my late mother Mabjalwa Mukwena-Mukhola who passed away when I was only twenty-six years old and could not experience my achievements; my family in Germany, Erna and Franz Werbitzky, for supporting me throughout my studies, and also for taking over the role of parents when my mom passed away;

my mother’s siblings for your unselfish support;
to my wife and children, for loving me and...
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