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Street Crimes

By sunnysaleem Mar 13, 2011 460 Words
Most street crimes are rarely committed by big criminal organizations but its effects have a strong influence in society.In this essay, I'll examine some causes and give solutions for this problem.

Unemployment is one of the main causes.Unemployment leads to crime such as pick-pocketing.Unemployed people have no jobs, no money while they still live with their own needs and responsibility for their family.Sometimes,they want to earn money in a short time and by any means so they do something wrong even crime.

In addition, lack of education also results in street crime.In poor families, children can't study or leave school before graduating because their parents don't have enough money to pay tuition.These children can grow up without full education.They can't find good jobs or they become unemployed.Besides,lack of education also leads to less understanding.People without a good attitude do anything they want.For example,in daily news,sometimes,train accidents happen;someone in the trains was injured because people who were outside threw stones at the windows for fun.Their act shows their superficial understanding.They didn't care what would happen to passenger in the train.They did what they liked.This also results from lack of good education.

We have looked at these causes.Now,I'll give some solutions to solve this problem.

Firstly,the government need to solve the unemployment problem.The government can expand economic programs such as : developing labor export.This help unemployed people have chance to change their lives.Reducing the population is also important.Because overpopulation is a burden in a country,it leads to unemployment,lack of education.

Secondly, the government should encourage education and give benefit to poor people.By education,people can be improved their understanding and their attitude become better.Especially,the government need to invest in the education fund.This will help poor students have the chance to study.They can find good jobs after graduating.

In conclusion,street crime is a social problem.It can be more worse and become a burden on society.It results from a lack of social care.With the right solutions,street crime can be reduced.

What Does Economic Integration Mean?
An economic arrangement between different regions marked by the reduction or elimination of trade barriers and the coordination of monetary and fiscal policies. The aim of economic integration is to reduce costs for both consumers and producers, as well as to increase trade between the countries taking part in the agreement.

economic integration


Elimination of tariff and non-tariff barriers to the flow of goods, services, and factors-of-production between a group of nations, or different parts of the same nation.

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