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childrenStreet children in the Philippines
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Street Children in the Philippines is a significant problem. According to the 1998 report, entitled "Situation of the Youth in the Philippines," there are about 1.5 million street children in the Philippines. Everyday, at least a street child is seen walking along the streets, looking for a place to stay. [1] Contents [hide] 1 Statistics 2 Defining Filipino street children 3 Demographics 3.1 Angeles 3.2 Manila 3.3 Davao 3.4 Amerasian Street Children 4 Problems facing street children 4.1 Drugs 4.2 Health Problems 4.3 Conditions 4.4 Prison 4.5 Legal Action 4.6 Summary Execution Of Street Children 4.7 Child Prostitution 4.8 Sexual Exploitation By Pedophiles 4.9 HIV/AIDS and STDs 5 NGO`S AND Projects To Help 5.1 Loving Care Street Kids Foundation 5.2 Street Contact For Children 5.3 Bahay Bata Center 5.4 Subic Bay Children's Home 5.5 Tiwala Kids and Communities 6 See also 7 References

Highly-visible’ children in the streets: Manila (3,266), Quezon (2,867), Kalookan (1,530), and Pasay (1,420). Luzon regional totals: 1,557 (highly visible), 22,728 (estimated total). Visayas regional totals: 5,291 (highly visible), 40,860 (estimated total). Mindanao regional totals: 22,556 (highly visible), 138,328 (estimated total). Approximately 70% are boys. [2]

Defining Filipino street children
According to the Stairway foundation there are three different categories of street children: children on the streets, children of the streets and completely abandoned children. "Children on the streets" make up approximately 75% of the street children in the Philippines. These children work on the streets but do not live there, having a home to return to after working. Some of them even continue to attend school while working long hours on the streets. In contrast, "Children of the street" on the other hand make their homes on the street. They make up 25%-30% of the street children in the Philippines. These children often create a sort of family among fellow street children. Some of them still have family ties, but do not visit them and some even see these ties as bad. "Completely abandoned children" have no family ties and are entirely on their own for physical and psychological survival. They make up about 5%-10% of the street children in the Philippines. [3] [4]

The Department of Social Welfare and Development has more than 1500 children registered in Angeles city as street children. In reality, the number is much higher.[5] Street Children in Angeles are at risk in the notorious Fields Ave from pedophiles hounding the entertainment area. [6]

It is estimated there are 85,000 street children in Metro Manila alone. [1] [7]

The Davao City Local Development Plan for Children (2003-2007) says that in 2000, Davao had 1,505 street children. This figure more than doubled the following year to 3,213. According to the child-rights group Tambayan, most of the city’s street children belong to gangs, of which there are now some 150.[8]

Amerasian Street Children
Pearl S. Buck International foundation estimates there are 52,000 Amerasians scattered throughout the Philippines with 5,000 in the Clark area of Angeles. "The majority of the children have been abandoned by their American fathers," said Jocelyn Bonilla, the manager of the Pearl S. Buck center in Angeles City. [9]

Problems facing street children
The most common substances are inhalants, like solvent/rugby and cough syrups, followed by marijuana and shabu. Marijuana and shabu in particular are drugs that are shared with friends whenever one barkada member is lucky enough to have money to buy them. Moreover, many street children take more drugs more than once, some as often as a daily intake of solvent/rugby. [3]

Health Problems
Generally, street children are thin, untidy, and undernourished, hardly equipped to survive the hazards of...

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