Strcit Site Blocking on Fortigate

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To block or any URL
The following are the steps to block a specific URL
1. Go to Web Filter => URL Filter

2. Then click Create New
3. Type the name – Say Block_Facebook, Optinally type the comments then click OK. Then OK again

4. Go to Web Filter => URL Filter you will see new entry Block Facebook click the Edit icon

5. Now click create new

6. Type as shown below

Then click OK
7. You will be taken to the page below - YOU NEED TO CLICK OK AGAIN!!

Block a word contained in a web page

a) go to Web Filter => Content Block => web Content Block

b) Then click Create New

Type the name and comment then click OK
c) You will be taken to the page below

d) Click Create New
Type the word then click OK there is option for wildcard and regular expression

e) Click OK again

Enable the Web filter and web content block in the protection profile

Go to firewall => Protection profile
Choose the protection profile that you want to use or you can create a new one in this example I am using a preconfigured one – Scan So click the edit icon for Scan

Web Content Block

* Expand Web Filtering
* Tick http for Web content block
* Under option select block sex
Web URL Filter
* Expand Web Filtering
* Tick http and https for Web URL Filter
* Under option select block sex

Click OK before you Exit the protection profile
Enable Protection profile in the firewall policy
Go to firewall policy and depending on the particular rule that you will be working on. * Edit the firewall policy

* Under protection profile select Scan and then click OK.
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