Strayer BUS508 Assignment 1

Topics: Incentive program, Five Guys, Hamburger Pages: 3 (848 words) Published: December 4, 2013

Entrepreneurial Leadership
Susan Chism
Dr. Beck
25 July 2013

Determine how Five Guys’ philosophy sets it apart from other fast-food chains. “Do you want to flip burgers your whole life!” How many times has a parent said this? Even though this is usually said out of sarcasm this line of work has been very good for the Murrells. The founder and owner of Five Guys Burgers and Fries Jerry Murrell started with a business plan of keeping their business limited and simple and sticking by his philosophy of providing a quality product at a reasonable price in a clean environment. Five guys spends the most out of its competers to product a quality product. When Jerry Murrell began franchising he was just a small burger operation with an almost cultish following in Northern Virginia. Today, the business is, by some, estimated heading in the direction of the $1 billion in value mark. Analyze the original values of the start-up company and how it remains strong today. During the early years the Murrells’ worked long and hard to prefect their product. And to this day Five Guys serves up made-to-order burgers with beef that’s never frozen and absurdly large servings of hand-cut fries. Murrell stated that each topping was a family decision and something that was taken very serious. Having accomplished creating a successful product the Murrells now focus on maintaining this quality by paying attention to detail. One way that the Murrells ensure that the product quality is maintained is by writing detailed franchise contracts. The details of the contract go as far as to state the number of bacon strips or pickles that are placed on the burger or as requested by the customer. Another valued preparation technique is that they toast their buns on a grill, even though a bun toaster is faster and cheaper, it doesn't give that caramelized taste that the Murrells value. The Murrells leave no bun...

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