Stray Menace on City Roads

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Jammu Tawi, March 29Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) continues to retain an apathetic attitude towards the mounting menace of stray animals especially mules, cattle, cows, bulls and dogs on the roads of city and its adjoining areas. Stray animals including cows, buffaloes, bulls and dogs can be seen roaming most affected areas are those located near urbanized villages, illegal dairies, slums, unauthorized colonies and parts of outer city. Due to lack of cattle rearing fields, cattle owners leave their animals to roam on the streets. Few steps have been taken so far to control the growing number of stray animals in Jammu city. In fact, the JMC has a full-fledged department to catch stray animals and has even constructed shelters for them, particularly cattle and dogs. But, officials maintain that every time the civic body tries to carry out a drive against stray animals on city roads or localities, it is thwarted either by cattle and dairy owners or animal right activities. However, they maintain that with requests and warnings failing to produce the desired results, need for harsher measures to ensure compliance with road rules if being increasingly felt in city of temples where congestion has become a major problem. Concerned citizens pointed out that since self-discipline was going at a premium the authorities concerned in both the district and civic administrations should come down with a iron hand on those responsible for the prevalence of chaotic conditions on busy roads, even during the off season months. Stating that even areas like Indira Chowk where Government SMGS hospital and Civil Secretariat were until recently being considered relatively being considered somewhat calm and safe, locals maintain that they are now noisy and unsafe for pedestrians. They regretted that haphazard parking and almost regular presence of cattle, cows and ponies...
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