Strategy Paper on Student's Placement Committee

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Strategy paper for Student Placement committee in IBS-Bangalore Student Placement cell is the core committee which will help in assisting the placement cell in bringing the companies into the college campus. Though it’s a first time we are forming this committee but here we don’t have to be like a beginner as it’s the high time that we should start this. Now how to start it with a bang provided we don’t have a past experience to be shared? The answer to this question is not very simple!!!! for this we have to do a day and night research on how the different college’s SPC works, how they pitch their college and how they have subsequently made their college brand name in the industry. Or…. The alternate answer can be that we have to formulate a plan wherein the strategies have to be laid down such that we should justify ourselves and our college in front of the companies. Let us not forget our only target i.e. “get the companies in the campus” and that can be done with only one thing i.e. “networking”. Once we will develop a strong database it will be easier for us to target the companies according to our needs. Now the question arises as how to create a database for the companies? As this job is of paramount importance for our ultimate goal we have to form a group which will either contact the companies HR through their personal contacts else should visit the companies to meet them and tell them about the college proposal of placement. Remember that this is not an easy task as it looks…….. It needs a lot of homework and lot of brainstorming. The SPC should always be ready with several presentations for different set of companies For Ex: Marketing profiles, Finance, Operations and HR. Collection of the database of various companies to which we will do the cold calls as well as to the placement agencies will be a tough job!!!! For this we will require the help of Just Dial services, lots googling, help of the aluminates and directly visiting the companies etc…...
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