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Guideline Strategy Analysis and Evaluation Project
In this assignment you are required to provide analysis of the strategy and evaluate the strategy of the Multinational Corporation (MNC) you have selected. In part one of the report, you are required to provide the analysis of the strategy. In part two you are required to evaluate the strategy. In order to complete this assessment, you are required to use the following article “Hambrick, D. C. & Fredrickson, J. W 2001. Are you sure you have a strategy? Academy of Management Executive, 15(4): 48-59”. In order to begin this assessment,

1. First, read the above article at least twice to understand

a. The elements of strategy (page 51)

b. Six questions to evaluate the quality of the strategy (page 59)

2. Second, select a Multinational Corporation (MNC)

c. This website ( provides a list of top 500 companies of the world. You are not strictly required to select a company from this list. However, you may select one of the companies from this list as there is a lot of information available about these companies for your analysis.

d. Please make sure you select a MNC instead of a domestic company whose operations are confined to only one country. In order to write your report,
1. First, conduct extensive research to gather relevant information (quantitative and qualitative) about the MNC from multiple sources.

2. Analyse the information to build your arguments

3. Provide rationale and evidence for your arguments

4. Be consistent with your arguments throughout the report

5. Use appropriate referencing

1. Do not just list information

2. Do not rely on company annual report only

3. Do not provide tables, graphs which is not used or referenced in the report

In order to structure the report, follow the structure below. You may like to deviate from structure...
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